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    Feb 14, 2009Site Admin
    To All Our Many Wonderful Friends and Family From the Bottom of My Heart

    I thank you for the prayers, cards, letters, flowers and LOVE

    I lost my best friend of 48 years and the love of my life. He would tell me \"be tough\" you can do this! He always wanted me to be independent. Easy to do with him here very difficult without him.

    Through all the years neither of us thought it would end, but it did.

    I brought George home. He was not cremated. He is above the ground in the sun he so loved at a beautiful place around the corner from our home on the farm in Pennsylvania, which is also his home town.

    I know in my heart George is in the \"arms of the angels\" probably putting them in catalogue order and saying \"down and back one more time!!!\" He always made me happy and made me laugh. He always said I was his straight man with his jokes. He loved the Dog World the dog shows, the exhibitors, especially the ones he could tease and he was ever so proud of his All Breed Status.

    Also a very big thank you to Deb for all of her help in Chicago. Because of her George received excellent care at the University of Chicago Medical Center and she also helped keep me sane most of the time.

    Thank you all you have all been a great support and thank you for caring so much for and about George.

    Barbara Alderman Heitzman

    PLEASE CROSS POST WIDELY: Barbara wants all of her friends and family in the dog world to see this message!!!!

    Feb 14, 2009Elaine Summerhill / DM Greyhounds
    For all who may read this, I am putting together a scrapbook of the dogshow community\'s remembrances of Mr. Heitzman to give to his wife. It is my hope that she finds some solace in the book and that she will know she\'s not alone, that dog people are there with her.

    If you wish to contribute, please send your \"George\" stories and, if possible, scanned pictures to me at I\'ll print the scanned images on my photo printer and put them in the book for her.

    This is my way of attempting to honor the man. Thanks.

    Elaine @ DM Greyhounds

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