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    Are judges knowledgeable and perceptive enough? What can be done to improve this area?
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    Jul 4, 2016Inept JudgingExhibitor/Breeder
    I think the system has created a large number of inept judges. Just an estimate 2/3 of the judges are incompetent in many of the breeds they are judging. It is such a joy when you do come across that special individual that is truly knowledgeable in your breed. I hear professionals constantly making comments that a particular judge always puts them up or \\\\\\\"they are one of my judges.\\\\\\\" This is how we get Top Ranking dog that really do not fit the breed standards. Structure and movement has been ignored in many of the breeds just to glorify handlers. When a breed is free of the professional handlers we do see that breed expand with new exhibitors because it is a level playing field. People will play if it is fair. Handler\'s get dogs that need to be pulled and the judges play right into that. I have found that most professional handlers do not bring new people into the sport and are bad for the breeds. Inept judging, pointing to the professional is the lazy way to judge and AKC has a lot of bad judges.
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