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General Topics
  • General Comments about
    Include your praise or complaints, suggestions for improvement, advice to other users, etc.
  • Your advice for other ShowDays users.   1 entries
  • What can be done to Improve   3 entries
  • Suggest New Topics for these Forums
  • Comments about the current state of Dog Shows
    What general comments do you want to share with others about our sport, our fancy?
  • What can be done to Improve Dog Shows?   10 entries
  • Advice for Show-Giving Clubs - Conformation
  • Advice for clubs that put on Performance Events
  • Comments about Judges & Judging.
    What do you think of the current state of judging for dog shows?
  • How Competent are Judges?   1 entries
  • How Political are judges?   17 entries
  • What can be done to Improve Judging?   10 entries
  • Advice for Dog Show Novices   9 entries
    What would you like to say to the people starting out in our strange and wonderful world of exhibiting at dog shows. Also a place for novices to ask questions.
  • Legislative Alerts
    Notices, questions about canine legislative issues in various areas.
  • Canine Diseases & Genetic Conditions.
    Advice, Notes, Links, Questions, etc. Put here what you want to communicate to others about a canine disease or genetic condition, or what you want to ask of those who know. Include links to other relevant websites.
  • The Politics of Breed Health   1 entries
  • Addisons Disease
  • Cushings Disease
  • Deafness
  • Dysplasia
  • Parvo
  • Tributes to Judges, etc.
    Post your tributes to Dog Show Judges who have passed, and to others who have made substantial contribution to our fancy and the welfare of purebred dogs. To add a new person to the list, send an email or post a note to this \"Tributes\" topic.
  • Norman Herbel - Distinguished Judge   1 entries
  • Irene Bivin - Distinguished Judge   1 entries
  • George Heitzman - Distinguished Judge   2 entries
  • Breed-Specific & Specialized Topics
    To add a Specialized Topic for your breed or area of interest, send us an email
  • Comments on the BBC Documentary \"Pedigree Dogs Exposed\"
    What is your view of the documentary, and what impact do you thinks it is having and will have? Was the criticism valid?
  • Information on Normal (Low) Uric Acid Dalmatians
    Topics related to the Dalmatian NUA backcross project
  • NUA dogs available at stud   2 entries
  • HUA dogs available for backcross breeding   2 entries
  • General information on NUA bitches   1 entries
  • Stories about Dals with urate stone disease
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